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 Hilde - Rogue 70

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PostSubject: Hilde - Rogue 70   Hilde - Rogue 70 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2007 10:48 pm

I've just read you'r post on the WoW forums and so on you get the picture Wink

Player info
Name : Andreas Lind
Age : 18
Nationality : Sweden

Character info
In-game Name : Hilde
Class : Rogue
Race : Troll
Profesion : 375 Herbalism / 104 JC (leveling it atm)
Spec : Combat PvE, can respecc if u'd like me too ofcourse but you'll want me to raid right? Wink
Profile (armory link) :http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Lightning's+Blade&n=Hilde
Im gonna get the Mercilles Gladiator Offhand soon though, just like 100points from getting it atm. And then I'm gonna respecc back to combat Daggers

Raid info
Days and time that i can raid : Everyday, from basically 19-whenever raids ends
Why u raid : 'Cause I think it's fun Smile Im not a "lootwhore" what so ever.
Raid experience ( even pretbc) : TK (Void Reaver, I've got the AR resistance too which is 105 unbuffed) and everything before (- meaning Gruul's, Kara) . I've done like one MC run on Hilde too but my pretbc experience is on a char that I've sold now, but anyways that was Ruskc which I've done several BWL and MC runs on.
Pots and consumables that i will have with me every raid : Flask of relentless Assault, Elixir of Major Agility and Health Pots ofcourse, and several other things like Sharpening Stones and some rogue things that I dont think matters in here because they are so obvious really. (Meaning Blinding Powder, Flash Powder, Poisons)

Guild info
Previous Guilds : HellsBells, Ducimus
Reasons that i left : Because I want to join your guild basically.

Genaral info
Why i wanna join Addiction : Because it seems like a nice guild with very helpfull and social guildies and I've heard many good things about you so I'm really hoping for to get in the guild with you guys and contribute to good raid progress and the social stuff
What i expect from Addiction : Nothing really just have fun Smile ..But really honestly I expect raid progress with you
Any friend that can recomend me in Addiction : Naah, dont think so anyways

Computer Info
System that i use : Windows XP, 1gig RAM, 512 Graphics Card 6600GT.
Vent/mic : I've used Vent since I was like 13 years of age so I know that program
Net connection : 8mbit, stable connection
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PostSubject: Re: Hilde - Rogue 70   Hilde - Rogue 70 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2007 6:51 pm

first, sorry for the late reply
we're full on rogues for the time being
good luck to you
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Hilde - Rogue 70
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