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 Lechona, Paladin

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PostSubject: Lechona, Paladin   Lechona, Paladin Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2007 1:01 pm

Player info
Name : Chris
Age : 21
Nationality : The Netherlands

Character info
In-game Name : Lechona
Class : Paladin
Race : Blood Elf
Profesion : Herbalism / Alchemy
Spec : 41/20
Profile (armory link) : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Lightning%27s+Blade&n=Lechona

Raid info
Days and time that i can raid : Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday(sometimes),Sunday
Why u raid : I enjoy raiding because of the strategy in the game . Combining this with teamplay with other ppl toghter in a guild is what i like.
Raid experience ( even pretbc) : Pre: MC,BWL,AQ,Naxx(5 bosses). TBC: Kara,Magh,Gruul,SSC ful,2 bosses TK
Pots and consumables that i will have with me every raid : healing food, flask of mighty resto, adepts elixirs, elixir of major fort.

Guild info
Previous Guilds : Brethren , The Hive on Skullcrusher(alliance)
Reasons that i left : Went inactive cause of some real life issues. And on Skullcrusher i played warrior before i rerolled.

Genaral info
Why i wanna join Addiction : I think Addiction is a nice PVE guild with ppl who got some knowledge of this game.
What i expect from Addiction : A nice friendly guild who want to progress in PVE and being one of the better guilds on the realm.
Any friend that can recomend me in Addiction : Sorry dont know anyone.

Computer Info: Intel dual core 2.4 ghz / 320 mb gfx / 2gig memory.
System that i use : Same as above . got good connection also no time outs or lag and stable low ping.
Vent/mic : Ventrilo working also with microphone
Net connection : 3mbit < 100ms
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PostSubject: Re: Lechona, Paladin   Lechona, Paladin Icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2007 4:01 am

intresting application we are looking forward for a new pala so contact me in game (nick hotbaby) or via msn where u find me online ^^

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Lechona, Paladin
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